Who are you ?

We are Anne and Philippe, the Auraspirits’ makers. All our workpieces are handcrafted. Anne does the molding and Philippe the sanding and polishing.

Do you manufacture yourself ?

We make all our creations ourselves, from start to finish, in our workshop in the Gers. They are not made in China or India but made with love.

We are not dealers but creators, designers and manufacturers.

Our trademark and models are all registered. Reproductions is prohibited : texts, photos and workpieces.

Where can we meet you ?

Only at trade fairs whose schedule you will find at the bottom of the website’s homepage on or in the menu item « Boutique », « events ».

How can we contact you ?

Through the website’s  contact page or by telephone at 06 26 51 02 31. Don’t hesitate to leave a message : if we don’t answer straight away it means we are busy in the workshop or away at an exhibition.

How long will it be until my parcel is delivered ?

Shipping usually occurs 24/48h after payment receipt, sometimes even on the same day.

Payment by credit card is quicker than by cheque or money transfer.

It is a secured website. You can safely enter your card details.

Then about 48h should be taken into account for shipping.

Yet, in the event that we are attending a trade show, you will have to wait a little bit longer, until we get back. Thanks  for your patience!

How much are postage fees ?

They vary according to country and package weight.

They start from 8€ from France, 14€ from UK. We apply the postage fees charged by La Poste (the French post office).

What does the option « parcel insurance » mentioned when checking out mean ?

This optional 5 € charge is added to your postage fees. It includes delivery against signature but most importantly insurance against loss, allowing compensation in case your package gets lost or deteriorated.

I highly recommend this option.

How can I pay ?

By credit card (secured website 3D secure), cheque or bank transfer.

Are the AuraSpirit orgonites ?

Not at all. They come from this world but aren’t.

They differ from them in many ways : the brass and copper powder used (looking very much like sand at the bottom of each stone) instead of metal shavings and aluminium. Moreover, their transparency and beauty make them special. Their performance can be measured.

Have the stones been proven effective ?

Their efficacy has been proven by some tests run with measuring devices.

We have all our tests done by a geobiologist (Stéphane Mazuy, Châlons sur Saonne)

He has all the measurement equipment required.

Some of the tests can be found on our website and all the reports are accessible on our stand.

Efficacy has been proven by 3 kinds of tests : electromagnetic (Wifi, smartphones, internet boxes, Linky), cardiac coherence (the stress reduction benefit of our pieces), geobiological (rivers, faults…)

Miscalleneous :

Are they real stones ? Yes, and it’s real gold we use too, 24 carats.

Are they liquid inside ? no, resin solidifies.

Are they snowglobes? …..Neither are they….

Do they contain sulphides ? no glass is used ; it’s only about resin inclusion.

Can they be used for darning socks ? Humm, neither (True ! it’s a question we heard at an exhibition)

Why this price ?

We make everything by hand, we put in a lot of hours : 2 people working for 2 days for a small egg. Add to this the semi-precious stones and gold used…I would say it’s the price to pay for excellence…You are assured to get a vibrant, efficient AuraSpirit , whose soft and smooth touch is unrivaled to date.