AuraSpirit, power and beauty

AuraSpirit are alchemical creations taking your consciousness to a higher level.

AuraSpirit, what is it ?

AuraSpirit are new generation bioenergy tools adapted to the earthly new vibratory rate.

Thanks to our 10 year experience, we have made unique technological choices allowing us to combine energetic power and beauty.

The effect relies on a precise and patented layout combining precious materials (rock crystal, gold…), semi-precious stones (amber, rhodochrosite, larimar, peridot, lapis-lazuli…), powerful stones (meteorites, moldavites…), brass powder and copper.

AuraSpirit are the only energetic tools with an action on 3 levels :

– As a high frequency waves damping system (Wifi, 4G, Linky meter readers…)
– As a geobiological regulation system
– As a Feng Shui harmonizing system

Vital energy
– As an enhancer for the vital pulse of any living being (plants, animals and human beings)

Evolution of consciousness
– As a way to regulate emotions and work on fears and transgenerational issues
– As a support for energy or therapeutic care
-As an alchemical transforming power meant to help us take the next emotional, spiritual and energetical step forward and find our soul path.

There are 3 AuraSpirit product lines

  • Day to day harmony
    Eggs, multi-sized spheres for a balanced and peaceful work
  • Soul jewels
    Kâ-Am®, Ove®, OTrance®, Ameo®
  • Exclusive stones
    La Trielle® I et II, Otea®, Shazam the starlight, Cythère® on display at exhibitions only

AuraSpirit are unique, one of a kind, made in France (in our workshop in the Gers) ,fully handcrafted creations.
They are all made to a high level of consciousness.
Each and every one  is a true energetic jewel with an inimitable smooth and silky feel.
Our trademark and models are registred. Reproduction and imitation are prohibited. We are the only one to design and offer Auraspirits whose shapes, compositions and layouts are unique.
They are no Orgonites or any other similar objects.


Purity of rock crystal


Radiance of the 24 carat gold leaves


Beauty of semi-precious gemstones : lapis-lazuli, topaze…


Powerful copper-brass alloy


“Hello Anne,
thank you very much for the sphere which is really beautiful and resonates very loudly.

I had felt a lot of joy with the first egg too.

And I used the 2nd egg in support during a guided meditation that I just launched
Montpellier and it works very well.

The third has an incredible vibration, it pulsates inside my hand. I love it.” (Meddhi, September 2019, website)


The latest testimonyThank you for your trust!

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Shipping costs

    • France : with signature: Up to 100g, 3.55 / 101g to 500g: 8 / 501g to 1kg: 9 euros /1 to 2 kg: 10 euros / from 2kg, 13. We accept all responsibility for the loss of the parcel.
    • France : with signature and insurance (more secure): A package of 5.5 euros is to be added in this case. It’s an option, to check on the command page.
    • DOM TOM : from 15 degrees.
    • Europe: from 12 degrees.
    • UK : from $14.
    • Switzerland : from 17 degrees.
    • Other countries : ask us.

Secured payment : by credit card, cheque or money transfer

All purchases are secured

  • By credit card : through 3D secure payment
  • By cheque payable to Auraspirit
  • By money transfer : shipping within one week to 10 days depending on banks
    Orders are shipped upon receipt of payment

You can contact us from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm and via email 6 days on 7

You have a question on Auraspirits ? a specific request ? We will be most pleased to answer it !
Contact us through the contact page or the phone at….

Promotional code

Enjoy free delivery on all orders from € 150 with the promotional code : aura150

AuraSpirit aren’t Orgonites. Why ?

Orgonites contain metal shavings, especially aluminium, with a little copper. Orgonites involve the use of epoxy resin. Orgonites become charged easily thanks to the metal shavings. Orgonites makers complete little or no sanding work at all on their workpieces.

You may find Orgonites that come from France but for the most part, they are made in India or China at a low cost. Orgonites have short-lenght radiation, generally in the 5 to 10 m range.

AuraSpirit, unlike them, boast a unique light and finish. All our workpieces are sanded and polished by hand. AuraSpirit are made from metal powder (copper and brass), precious and powerful materials. They don’t charge or discharge thanks to the metal powder and gold used.

AuraSpirit are made with a high quality resin used in jewelry making.
It is the two of us, Anne and Philippe, who think up, design and handcraft each and every workpiece. Our workpieces are ultra-powerful : radiation spans up to 50 m for the smalllest ones.
Our all models are registered : reproduction and imitation are prohibited.

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